V2 Gateway Upgrade Kit & Power Adapter Change

Not sure if you received a V1?

  • If you received your gateway October 15th or earlier, you have a V1
  • If you received your gateway between October 15th and November 15th and have an indoor enclosure that looks like this, you have a V1 Gateway:
(The key enclosure difference is the ventilation holes on the sides and bottom)

Claiming your V2 Upgrade Kit

  • If you are eligible for an upgrade kit, you will have received a unique discount code to your email
  • If you did not receive one please check your spam folder first for an email from support@syncrob.it
  • If you cannot locate your email it may be because you did not provide an email with your order. If you believe this is the case please reach out to nick@syncrob.it with your order number
  • Your discount code is good for redeeming only enough kits to upgrade the total gateways ordered. If you placed multiple orders, you will only receive 1 discount code to redeem all your upgrade kits
  • Please add as many upgrade kits as needed to your order, as you will only be able to redeem the discount code once
  • Please use the same email for your order as your original gateway order
  • Enter your unique discount code at checkout to reduce the price to $0

Upgrade Kit Contents:

  • Improved Indoor Enclosure
    — Added ventilation for better thermal performance
  • Improved Heatsink with Integrated fan
    — For substantially better thermal performance
  • Stainless Steel Screws for the outdoor enclosure
    — To improve weather resistance and longevity
  • Improved Stock Antenna
    — More reliable witnessing and performance


  • Installation of the V2 heatsink will require removing the device from the Enclosure, and removing 4 Phillips/cross head screws
  • A detailed installation video will be published prior to receiving the upgrade kit

Obtaining a V2 Upgrade Kit for Aftermarket Purchases

We’ve already distributed codes for completely free access to the V2 Gateway upgrade kit. Unfortunately, only original purchasers have been sent codes. This means that if you did not purchase your gateway directly from us, we cannot provide you with a redemption code. You will need to request the code for the V2 kit from that seller or use the code of the seller, if they provide it to you.

POE Adapters Included with every new V2 Gateway

All our gateways previously shipped with a power adapter to allow you to power your gateway using a traditional wall outlet. That’s great for indoor use, but can be very limiting for outdoor deployments.

  • 1x POE Injector
  • 2x Ethernet cables (up from the 1x previously)



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