Top 5 Tips For Gateway Deployments

  1. Location, location, location.
    The most important thing when deploying gateways is finding the right location. Good locations are:
    - High up (the higher the floor the better)
    - Close enough to witness nearby gateways
    - In an area that doesn’t have TOO many gateways (this can impact your reward scale)
  2. Get the line of sight right.
    - Your gateway deployment (mainly the antenna)should always be higher than any surrounding obstacles when possible
    - The farther you can see, the farther your gateway’s signal will go
    Tip: Use google earth 3D to evaluate this ahead of time
  3. Upgrade your equipment, get the right antenna and cable.
    There’s tons to learn about RF equipment for effective deployments, but for most purposes you can keep it simple and go with:
    - a 6dBi antenna
    - LMR 240 Cable (included with the SB antenna!)
  4. Fix that Relay with port forwarding!
    When your hotspot is relayed, it will have trouble connecting to the P2P network:
    - If your gateway appears as relayed, go into your router settings and open port 44158 TCP for your Gateway
    - Disabling UPNP can also help
  5. Use ethernet whenever possible.
    Gateways need a stable internet connection, and using ethernet rather than wifi can help ensure a reliable connection at all times.
    - Every Gateway comes with a 3ft ethernet cable included




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