The Chameleon — Indoor or Outdoor, Wherever You Need

Get a sneak peak at our custom outdoor enclosures that come included with every gateway, and start planning your set up now. Also, we’re coming to Australia!

When we set out to design the perfect gateway, we wanted the community to be able to deploy their gateways wherever they needed, in the places that would most benefit the network. In many cases, that means outside, yet the majority of gateways on the market can only be used indoor. Affectionately named “the Chameleon”, SyncroBit gateways can go be whatever you need, and go just about anywhere.

Every gateway ships with an array of accessories needed for your deployment (), but most importantly, an outdoor enclosure. Here’s a first look at the outdoor enclosure you’ll receive with your gateway:

These outdoor enclosures are tightly sealed with rubber gaskets to protect from all that the elements may throw at it. The cable passthroughs are designed with rubber knobs that can be custom fit to your cables, ensuring you’re covered for any setup (note that the gateway should always be deployed with the ports facing down). We’ve even gone the extra step of coating the PCB to protect against any moisture, just in case.

The gateways internals are rated from a chilly -40 celsius to a scorching +85 celsius operating temperature, meaning you’re covered no matter the climate. If you live in an extremely hot climate we do recommend deploying your gateway in the shade though, just to be safe.

Every gateway also comes with 4 metal zip ties, allowing you to mount the outdoor enclosure right out of the box, using the included back mounting bracket (pictured in bottom right image above).

Using the Outdoor Enclosure

Every gateway ships in the indoor enclosure, but we’ve got a great tutorial for you that takes you step by step through the transfer guide (hope you enjoy elevator music):

The team is incredibly excited to see how the SyncroBit community deploys their gateways, and we‘d love to see all the creative ways you find to deploy!


Australia & New Zealand

We’re launching Australia & New Zealand! For the The Internet of Things to be successful, it needs to go everywhere, and there’s nowhere better than down under!

We’ve officially launched our AU915, Australia and New Zealand compatible gateway:


Our first large batch of 1000 European gateways have arrived to our warehouse in Romania, and will start going out to customers this Monday!


All the tests have been passed and we’re now just awaiting the final reports from the lab and FCC processing. We’ll share these reports as soon as we have them!



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