Has Arrived!

Some ️‍🔥 Photos

Everything pictured comes in the box, meaning you’re ready to go from day 1 (outdoor enclosure not pictured).

Instant Sync

This deserves it’s own section, because it’s AWESOME.

NEW Antennas — Because bigger’s always better

Just in time to plan your perfect set up, we’re excited to launch our high quality, 6dBi antennas: AVAILABLE HERE

Drawing credit to Nik Hawks

Affiliate Program

We know some of our customers are incredible advocates for, and we want to be able to reward you for the trust you put in us when recommending us to your friends and family. To accomplish this, we’re officially launching the Affiliate Program: SIGN UP HERE

Status Update

“Stop your rambling and tell me when I’m getting my Gateway”, yelled an angry crypto-grandad who doesn’t have time for this PR guy.



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