September Update

8,000 Units out the Door

To date, over 8000 gateways have been sent to our customers, or are en route to our warehouses for imminent distribution. That will represent the fulfillment of gateways for all orders placed through the end of March. If you haven’t received tracking for your order yet and you placed your order in March, just keep an eye out and you should have it soon!

Global chip shortage…”Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know.”

As you may have heard, the world has been hit with an unprecedented shortage of electronic chips, to an extent never seen before. Some of the largest companies in the world have been impacted by this, from phone producers to car companies, and unfortunately, Gateway manufacturers haven’t been spared. Sourcing components for Gateways has been a struggle, and something our team has been working tirelessly through. Our early suppliers had some big misses, and that has, unfortunately, lead us to miss our initial delivery projections. Being a fairly young company, there have been growing pains along the way, and we’re doing our best to learn from the challenges we’ve faced and not repeat our mistakes.

Our Team is Growing to Meet Your Needs

We have brought on a number of sourcing agents to assist in finding the components needed to fulfill every order, our technical team has worked diligently to find alternatives so we are not solely dependent on the handful of components that every vendor is scrambling for, and along the way we’ve been working to improve the product at every turn.

Warehouses and Shipping

For shipping, we have a dedicated warehouse and staff in Romania to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible as production ramps up. We saw the recent batch shipped within 2–3 days of arrival in the warehouse, fulfilling hundreds of orders a day.

The Shipping Fix & “Why did #SBxx get delivered before my SB1XXX?”

After our first, not so great, experience with shipping several large pallet orders we decided to try an alternate route and send some individual orders direct from our factory in China. This is why some of you have received orders in the SB2XXX range while some in the SB1XXX range have not. As promised, they were shipped in the order they were paid, however, some earlier orders are still awaiting customs clearance. Later orders that shipped direct from China to some of you have already arrived, often in a week or less. This is a lesson well learned, and we’ll be shifting more of our fulfillment to direct from the factory to customers.

Making the most of the time we have — Gateway V2

Thank you again for your patience, and for it, you’ll be rewarded with an even better product.

  • Stronger wireless connectivity
    Connect more reliably to weak wifi thanks to a dedicated wifi antenna
  • Better weatherproofing
    We’ve upgraded some of the hardware for outdoor enclosures to ensure it stands the tests of time (note that the existing outdoor enclosures work great, but we’re always looking to improve)



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