September Update

Delivery update and V2 Incoming

We know you’re eager to get your Gateways and join the network as soon as possible, and that the delays that you’ve faced from us have been frustrating, so we wanted to give you some important context and updates on fulfillment.

8,000 Units out the Door

The team is keenly aware that the delays can be frustrating, and are incredibly thankful to all our customers for your patience. We want to earn your respect and trust as we move forward by only giving you numbers that have shipped and that are no longer at the mercy of supply shortages.

Global chip shortage…”Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know.”

Our Team is Growing to Meet Your Needs

We have a dedicated support team and tech support team who are ready to help with questions and assist as your units arrive.

Between and our partners, the entire team including admin, tech, marketing, design, support, fulfillment and manufacturing has grown to over 75 people dedicated to this product being delivered.

We have partial ownership in our Factory in China and their entire production line and team of 50+ members is dedicated solely to This means that if components allow, production capacity is never a limiting factor.

Warehouses and Shipping

That said, one of the challenges we’ve faced, in addition to the chip shortage, is the massive shipping delays that have also been caused by Covid-19. More people are purchasing online than ever before and fewer people are available to work at the ports and shipping facilities, which has caused unheard-of delays in products being delivered to consumers. The most frustrating part being the variability and inconsistency of timelines; sometimes shipments would sit for over a week in Hong Kong just waiting for their spot in the queue then get held up again for customs clearance once landed.

The Shipping Fix & “Why did #SBxx get delivered before my SB1XXX?”

We are constantly seeking every opportunity to get these Gateways out and in your hands as fast as possible. This may well come with its own set of challenges, but we are working to use the most efficient options and will ensure our support team is well equipped to help with any import issues you may face.

Making the most of the time we have — Gateway V2

Over the last few months, we’ve taken the lessons from our first Gateways, and created an even better Version 2 Gateway (V2), with:

  • Improved thermal regulation
    Equipping your gateway for even the hottest summer day
  • Stronger wireless connectivity
    Connect more reliably to weak wifi thanks to a dedicated wifi antenna
  • Better weatherproofing
    We’ve upgraded some of the hardware for outdoor enclosures to ensure it stands the tests of time (note that the existing outdoor enclosures work great, but we’re always looking to improve)

V2 Gateways are expected to start shipping soon, with existing orders upgraded automatically, no action needed.



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