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Getting Certified

FCC/CE are the 5 magic letters everyone’s always talking about, so let's not bury the lede: Lab testing has all but been completed on the CM4 based units. We’ve been told that the tests for both FCC & CE were passed, with one exception — for FCC the units need to have the SMA Antenna Connector swapped out for an RPSMA Connector. This is a very simple change, and we’ve already provided the lab with revised units.

Getting Certified V2

The design process for the RK3328 based units referenced in our last blog has been completed, and we couldn’t be happier. The team has tested them extensively, and we're confident enough in the design to move into the FCC application and manufacturing stage. We’ve already begun the FCC/CE application for the RK3328 based units, and expect confirmation of passing all the tests by mid May, or soon thereafter.

EU Shipping Projections

January to February 1st orders — For the initial CM4-based EU units, we anticipate that we'll meet our projections of early May

NA Shipping Projections

January orders — Due to the minor change of connectors required by the FCC, we are unfortunately revising our previous projection of early May, to late May

New Orders — April 21st Onwards

Any orders placed on April 21st or later have a shipment projection of mid September.
While we want to keep making these gateways for you and keep the network expanding, unfortunately we are limited by the ongoing global chip shortage, and this is the soonest we anticipate being able to fulfill new orders.

Everything Else

Customs/Import Taxes
We've noticed some confusion about this, so for 100% clarity: at no time will you have to pay import taxes. We cover those for you, however you may still have to pay sales tax or VAT when purchasing.


Nothing to say here, so we’ll leave you with some photos of our manufacturing partners in action!



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