Future-Proofing Your Gateways

The SyncroB.it Team is working to future-proof your gateways and keep them working no matter how the network changes.

3 min readSep 21, 2021


Before we get started, we wanted to give you some insights into the outage experienced earlier this week, and everything that goes on behind the scenes to keep your gateways working.


The network is ever-evolving, and with it, our team is constantly working to keep up. On the morning of September 15th we became aware of an issue affecting some hotspots that would prevent them from syncing or staying synced. Our development team was able to to push out firmware that evening to resolve the issue, and we’ve had no further reports since.

As the network continues to grow and change, they continuously push out new updates to the gateway software, that we then integrate into our firmware. 99% of the time, we push these updates to your gateway automatically without you even noticing, and will continue to do so to keep your gateway current.

Memory & Future-Proofing

We’ve heard some chatter about the recent revised Hotspot Hardware Specifications published, particularly the revised guidance for manufacturers to have 2gb of RAM compared to the previous recommendation of 1gb.

We want to assure you that there’s no reason for concern with SyncroB.it Gateways, and we are well equipped to handle the changing needs of the network.

The need for higher allocations of Memory/RAM is largely only for the initial syncing process, where we’ve used a few techniques to keep RAM requirements to a minimum, primarily memory swapping, where we temporarily make use of the on board storage. This is possible due to our instant sync feature, which brings sync time down to under an hour, and gives you a completely up to date snapshot.

To put it simply, we use your gateway’s storage to create virtual ram for the very brief sync process bumping it up to 2gb, that way not only are the gateways okay at 1gb of ram, but will also continue operating long term regardless of how the network’s requirements change.

It’s important to us that the gateways you buy today will be with you for years to come, and we’re doing our best to ensure that’s possible.

Improving on the Past — V2 Gateway

In our last blog post, we teased a bit about our new & improved gateway design with better connectivity, stronger waterproofing, and significantly improved thermal regulation. We’ve also made a few other quality of life changes, like better aligned and sized outdoor enclosure passthrough ports.

Orders shipping in October and onwards will automatically be upgraded to a V2 Gateway, meaning there’s nothing you need to do.

While we can’t give you full details yet, we plan on providing a V2 upgrade kit, free of charge to all those who received a V1 gateway. If you have received a V1 gateway, keep an eye on your email for further details.


As of now, we have shipped up to order ~#SB3000.
If you are under that order number and have not received your gateway, please reach out to our support team: support@syncrob.it

By the end of this week, we expect to fulfill all orders placed up to March 31st, representing the fulfillment of nearly 10,000 gateways to date.


Free antennas are fulfilled as your gateways are fulfilled. As of now, all US free antennas, for which the corresponding gateways have been delivered, have been sent. We are working on fulfilling EU-free antennas as soon as possible.

US antennas purchased at full price have also been shipped.

If you purchased an antenna alongside a gateway at a discounted rate, you will receive your antenna with your gateway.