FCC & NA Gateways Incoming

The headline says it all, but if you’re interested in specifics, keep reading below!

It’s been a long process, but FCC testing is finally done! In case you’re unfamiliar, the FCC is the Federal Communications Commission, and governs all electronics that broadcast any kind of radio waves, from wifi and bluetooth, to the core of the network, LoRa. FCC certification is required before any product can be shipped to customers in the United States.

The SyncroB.it engineering team has been working hard with an FCC lab to make revisions to the product to ensure full FCC compliance. After extensive testing and hundreds of pages of detailed reports (linked here in case you’re bored enough to read them), the lab has given us the green light and okayed the SyncroBit Gateway!

The lab will now submit the full report to the FCC, who is expected to issue the certificate within 7–10 days. That means we can soon start shipping to the North American SyncroB.it community that has been so patient!

Our first batch of NA units is expected to ship to NA by the end of this month (June), and begin going out to customers as soon as they arrive at our warehouse! Stay tuned for more specific shipping updates once the units are on the road.




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