The Team is working to future-proof your gateways and keep them working no matter how the network changes.

Before we get started, we wanted to give you some insights into the outage experienced earlier this week, and everything that goes on behind the scenes to keep your gateways working.


The network is ever-evolving, and with it, our team is constantly working to keep up. On the morning of…

Delivery update and V2 Incoming

We know you’re eager to get your Gateways and join the network as soon as possible, and that the delays that you’ve faced from us have been frustrating, so we wanted to give you some important context and updates on fulfillment.

8,000 Units out the Door

To date, over…

Gateways on their way! — we want to share with you some of the most recent updates from Europe and North American fulfillment, and some of the great results we’re seeing out of the first SyncroB.its hitting the network.

North America

In our last blog post, we let you know that all…

We’ve talked to tons of experienced Gateway deployers who have seen awesome success deploying for the network, and we wanted to pass their top tips along to you!

  1. Location, location, location.
    The most important thing when deploying gateways is finding the right location. Good locations are:
    - High up (the higher the…

FCC testing and reports are done! Filing is happening and full approval is expected in 7–10 days.

The headline says it all, but if you’re interested in specifics, keep reading below!

It’s been a long process, but FCC testing is finally done! In case you’re unfamiliar, the FCC is the Federal Communications Commission, and governs all electronics that broadcast any kind of radio waves, from wifi and…

Introducing Local — Your local dashboard

Today we have a special mid week update with a feature we haven’t talked about much, but that we think is a game-changer for optimizing your Gateway deployments — Introducing DashBit, your local gateway dashboard.

You can now customize everything you’d ever want on your gateway and more, using DashBit Local.

Key Features

  • Quick reports
  • At-a-glance Gateway diagnostics
  • Customizable Lora RF settings
  • RGB LED customization
  • Gateway commands

Accessing DashBit Local

  1. Locate the serial number of your gateway — in most cases, this should be present on the underside of…

Get a sneak peak at our custom outdoor enclosures that come included with every gateway, and start planning your set up now. Also, we’re coming to Australia!

When we set out to design the perfect gateway, we wanted the community to be able to deploy their gateways wherever they needed, in the places that would most benefit the network. In many cases, that means outside, yet the majority of gateways on the market can only be…

We’re incredibly excited to be getting the first Gateways into the hands of our customers, and have gotten great feedback from those that have received them already! Fulfillment is moving full speed ahead, and we expect thousands of gateways on customer doorsteps within the coming weeks. …

We’ve got a doozy of an update for you this week, covering everything from antenna connectors, to FCC, to customs.

Now we know that as much as we like talking to you, you’d rather we just cut to the chase… so let’s try something different this week. …

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